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At Farm Foods, we provide safe, stable, and inexpensive vegetable ingredients.

Peace of mind
We have established our own traceability (food history management) infrastructure, and all food ingredients are delivered to our customers after rigorous inspections and testing at our factories, where we manage the cultivation process from soil, seeds, and seedlings.
We then conduct strict inspections at our factories before delivering the ingredients to our customers.
Furthermore, we deliver cut vegetables and other items daily, paying close attention to the distribution process.
We also hold tours of production areas in China at the request of our customers.

In addition to doing business with many producers throughout Japan, we have established a local subsidiary in China, which produces at dedicated farms in Tong’an District, Xiamen City (Fujian Province), Fuqing City (Zhejiang Province), Shanghai City, Wulian City (Shandong Province), and other provinces, enabling us to provide a stable supply throughout the year.

Costs Savings
As for prices, we provide estimates for a limited period of time (monthly estimates, annual estimates, etc.), so there is no risk of price fluctuations in a short period of time, and we are able to supply products at stable prices.
By using cut vegetables, you saved preparation costs for cooking, and we are able to provide consumers at a lower price..

Farm Foods also plans and sells packaged vegetables
We deliver vegetables in ready-to-cook quantities, right amount to use for immediate cooking.
It has been well received by supermarkets and convenience stores.
We also accommodate requests for cut items and combination of materials.
(Note: Depending on the material, it may not be possible to cut or combine items.)

Farm Foods’ cut vegetables comes in a wide variety of ingredients for commercial markets
Farm Foods’ cut vegetables are very popular with restaurants, cafeterias, etc.
You don’t have to know how to prepare or have extra inventory, just order what you need when you need it! Moreover, we also accept customer-specified cuts and original items. Please feel free to consult or contact us.

ファームフーズでは、「安心 ・安定 ・安価」の野菜食材をご案内しております。

いち早く独自のトレースアビリティ 食品の履歴管理)のインフラを整え、すべての食材を土壌 ・種子 ・苗から栽培経過を管理し育てたあげた食材を当社工場で厳しい検査・検品を行いお客様にお届けしています。
飲食店 ・レストラン・食堂などで大変ご好評頂いているファームフーズのカット野菜!仕込み知らず。

日本全国の多くの生産者と取引をしているのに加え、中国では現地法人を設立し専用農場《 福建省)アモイ市同安区、福清市 浙江省)上海市、 山東省)五蓮など》で生産をしているために年間を通して安定供給することが出来ます。

価格では期間限定 月間見積り・年間見積り等)の見積りをしていますので短期間での価格変動のリスクがなくなり安定した価格で供給することが可能です。


飲食店 ・レストラン・食堂などで大変ご好評頂いているファームフーズのカット野菜!
お気軽にご相談 ・お問い合せ下さい。

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