Kumamoto Products

We deliver "delicious" products unique to Kumamoto from its rich nature.

Kumamoto is located in the middle of Kyushu, Japan. It is surrounded by a rich natural environment, including the Aso mountain range and the Ariake Sea, where abundant subterranean water flows into the sea, and its water source is 100% spring water from subterranean springs. The rice, sake, and shochu produced using this water are very tasty, and the long hours of sunlight make for a variety of delicious fruits. The Ariake Sea, rich in nutrients, also nurtures delicious seafood. In 2013, Kumamoto was awarded the UN Water for Life Award.

We offer a wide variety of agricultural products grown in fertile land, sake made from delicious water, and marine products that benefit from the rich water.

Since ancient times, the people of Kumamoto Prefecture have lived in a rich natural environment. They have produced a variety of delicious specialties thanks to their diligent and honest craftsmanship

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