Introducing direct shipping from Japan - Global Box Delivery

Streamlined Global Shipping from Japan direct to your doorstep

With introduction of Global Box Delivery, now you can order any products listed on shop page of Nippon Ichi and have them shipped directly from Japan to your doorstep. This service is exclusively for Nippon Ichi customers in Singapore. Global Box Delivery is not just another package forwarding service, we offer best-in-class technology  and multilingual customer service.

With decades of global shipping experience, strategic warehouse locations across Japan, and connected technology, Global Box Delivery is the number one end-to-end, international shipping provider trusted by thousands of customers like you. 


Worldwide shipping to your door.
Safe, secure, and speedy delivery.

Exclusive & authentic items from Japan

Multilingual support for your peace of mind. We help you communicate with each product seller!

Global Box Delivery FAQs

The cost of shipping is depends on your basket of items you choose. You will be able to see the final costs during the checkout process in shopping cart.

The cost includes all export fee paid in Japan as well as all import fee paid in Singapore at the time of placing the order. However, if there are any discrepancies because of changed rules, we will inform you and charge accordingly. 

Approximately 2-3 of processing is required in Japan to prepare for shipping.

Approximately 5-10 days from the date of placing the order. 

There are already overseas product items in cart. It will be cleared. Would you like to proceed?